Sign up for Obamacare and start to reap the benefits

Sign up for Obamacare and start to reap the benefits

In the market for health insurance? With open enrollment for Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act, now underway, it’s time to choose a plan that’s right for you. There are several notable benefits to enjoy.

Shop around

Online health marketplaces allow you to easily compare health insurance plans so that you can choose the one that will work best for you. The marketplaces also make it possible for you to apply for assistance such as tax credit to limit your out-of-pocket expenses. Subsidies are also available for small businesses. This feature of Obamacare was cited as the favorite affordable healthcare feature according to the result of a Kaiser Family Foundation Health Tracking Poll.

Protected treatment

There are no dollar limits on basic healthcare treatments whether annual or lifetime. That means that your insurer can’t stop paying for your essential treatment once your medical bill has reached a certain dollar amount. And you can’t be denied coverage for any reason. Your coverage remains in place regardless of your health. You can’t be suddenly dropped by your insurance company when you become sick. The price of your health insurance is also not allowed to increase in cost because of the state of your health.

More people are eligible

There is also no gender bias in the pricing of Obamacare plans, and whether you are a father or a mother you can keep your child on your plan until he or she turns 26.

Which feature of Obamacare is most helpful to you? Whichever it is, Newport Health Insurance is ready to help you begin benefitting from it.

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