Health insurance for medical care in a mobile world

Health insurance for medical care in a mobile world

Today’s consumer is used to having options. Not only are there options for obtaining affordable healthcare, but once healthcare has been obtained there are options for how to receive the actual medical treatment. Gone are the days when a patient’s only choice was to wait in the doctor’s office.

Give the consumers what they want

The general manager of a healthcare risk management company said, “Healthcare providers have shifted their focus to meeting consumers where they are and delivering the information they want and in the format they want.”

Going mobile

Various companies continue to merge medical care with modern technology, giving patients ready access to healthcare advice at their convenience through mobile apps. These apps are typically prescribed, and therefore their costs are likely to be covered by Obamacare health insurance.

Consumers can download apps that will do a variety of tasks including reminding you to take your pills, train you to meditate, walk you through the steps of cognitive behavioral therapy, keep track of your calorie consumption as well as monitor your heart rate and blood sugar level. According to one survey, an overwhelming 90% of users, who had been prescribed an app by their doctor, found the experience on par with or better than actually meeting with the doctor.

Newport Health Insurance understands that people today want options, and we can help you decide on the Obamacare health insurance plan that meets your needs.

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