The verdict is in: Obamacare is a success

The verdict is in: Obamacare is a success

There’s now enough evidence for world famous Nobel prize-winning economist Paul Krugman to publicly label Obamacare a success. The program, officially known as the Affordable Care Act, has not only significantly increased the number of Americans who have healthcare coverage but has done so while costing less than expected.

The key to Obamacare’s success

Obamacare has been able to bolster healthcare enrollment by expanding Medicaid for low-income Americans, and by making policies sold by private insurers affordable for everyone else by subsidizing their costs. For example, the subsidy feature of Obamacare can be used to offset the high deductible found in some policies that have low monthly premiums. But all insurance policies offered for sale in the Obamacare marketplace must guarantee preventive healthcare services without a deductible, offering customers a chance to receive early medical treatment that in the long run may eliminate the need for more serious care.

Obamacare is here to stay

According to Krugman, the private insurance companies participating in Obamacare overwhelmingly speak positively of the experience so, Krugman says that any predictions for the failure of affordable healthcare are wrong. He does, however, expect new enrollment numbers to dwindle but, simply because not all citizens, who are uninsured, will choose to become insured.

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