Don’t wait—procrastination is dangerous to your health

Don’t wait—procrastination is dangerous to your health

Perhaps, you’ve considered procrastination to be little more than a harmless, if not irritating behavioral trait of you or someone close to you, but research shows that it can contribute toward developing health issues, and make existing health problems even worse.

Procrastination now and later

Studies show that procrastination works in two primary ways against our health—directly and indirectly. Directly, it puts the body under stress that can create negative results that we immediately feel such as a racing heartbeat. In other words, procrastination itself doesn’t procrastinate in affecting us. Indirectly, it can mold our day-to-day behavior that will influence us in the long run such as not starting an exercise program, not developing a good nutritional program or not obtaining health insurance.

Procrastination and disease

One study looked at the relationship between procrastination and hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Study participants were graded on a test for procrastination. The participants were made up of both those suffering from hypertension and cardiovascular disease and those that were not. Researchers were able to predict who had hypertension and cardiovascular disease, even after eliminating other factors such as gender, ethnicity and age simply by looking for the higher scores on the procrastination test.

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