Should your diet include microgreens?

Should your diet include microgreens?

One type of vegetable popular with healthcare-minded celebrities is what’s called microgreens. What are they, and should you even consider adding them to your diet?

Micro what?

The clever name “microgreens” is simply a catchy marketing name. Actually, they’re something that any backyard gardener should be well familiar with. They’re simply leafy greens harvested at an earlier stage in their development than usual, less than two weeks after the seedlings have germinated. The leaves are still tiny thus, the name microgreens or babygreens.

Why are they popular?

Because they are gathered before their leaves have had a chance to grow to normal size the nutrients typically found in an entire adult leaf are concentrated into a smaller area. One food scientist estimated that the nutrient density in some microgreens can be two to six times higher than you would expect. Fans of microgreens also say the baby leaves are more tender than the adult version and more tasty.

What’s the downside?

There are a couple of reasons why microgreens are at the moment more popular with the celebrity crowd than with ordinary shoppers. For starters, they’re expensive. Expect to pay three times what you would pay for adult greens. They also don’t last long, going bad after a week.

Our choices for nutrient-rich food are greater than ever, and microgreens give us yet another option to vary the family dinner while investing in our family’s healthcare.

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